Kids and Youth.

There are many possibilities for kids and teens of spending their spare time in Prague, whether it is outdoor or indoor sports activities, pottery classes, a visit to the famous Prague zoo or to the planetarium. Given below you will...



If you are a family with kids coming to live in Prague for a longer period you will have to deal with the matter of day care centres, preschools and school. If you plan a longer stay, a Czech school would be worth considering...

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian.

Although the Czech parliament approved a law permitting homosexual partnerships in 2006 Czechs are not accustomed to seeing homosexual couples showing affection in public. The best advice is to be discreet. However the country...



If you are going to move to Prague with your spouse and do not plan to take up a job yourself don’t worry, there are plenty of possibilities of spending you spare time. If you are interested in art or music you will be able to engage...



It is statistically proven that a sixth of the Czech centenarians, around 105 persons, live in Prague. At the same time there are more senior citizens than children living in Prague. What is it that makes the people in this city so...



Getting around Prague is sometimes adventurous sometimes annoying as the city is not very wheelchair friendly, but more and more sight, bars, restaurant and shops are accessible to paraplegic persons...



Prague is not only a tourist magnet but also one of the favourite destinations in Eastern Europe for many Erasmus and other international students. There are several universities, colleges and academies in Prague. The most important are...