As the capital of the Czech Republic and its largest city Prague is home to 1.2 million inhabitants while the 2008 census gives an approximate number of nearly 2 million in its metropolitan area.

Although most of the foreigners living in Prague come from other East European countries the city by and by enjoys greater popularity among English speaking tourist tired of the usual destinations and curious about the Slavic soul of Eastern Europe.



Situated on the River Vltava in central Bohemia and having received the city laws in 1234 the Czech capital of Prague, in the run of its long and eventful history, was the seat of the dukes and kings of Bohemia, the capital of the...



Once a cultural mingle-mangle and a melting pot of many nationalities, languages and religions the Czech Republic is nowadays quite homogenous when it comes to ethnicity.  Most of the foreigners living in the Czech Republic...

Twin Towns.

Town twinning is the concept of creating a partnership between cities. The main goal for the cities is to work together in cultural and economical sectors as well as to inform about city structure related issues...

Travel to.

Prague is the number one destination of foreigners coming to the Czech Republic. But the Czechs also like to travel round their country as the distances are not very large and the places to visit diverse. For those who are interested...