Author: Magdalena Smaha
Keyword: nationalities

Once a cultural mingle-mangle and a melting pot of many nationalities, languages and religions the Czech Republic is nowadays quite homogenous when it comes to ethnicity.

Most of the foreigners living in the Czech Republic come from the neighbouring countries and live in the areas close to the respective border. The biggest minority living in the Czech Republic however are the Moravians who make up around three per cent of the total population. Moravia, a former historical region east of Bohemia, presently occupies most of the eastern third of the Czech Republic. The Slovaks are the second-largest group. Further groups are; Silesians, Polish, Germans, Hungarians. There is also a Roma minority living in the Czech Republic.

In Prague some 90 000 foreigners live and work. Most of them come from the Ukraine and Slovakia but also from western European countries due to the fact that it has been a magnet to many multinational companies during the last decade.