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Prague is the number one destination of foreigners coming to the Czech Republic. But the Czechs also like to travel round their country as the distances are not very large and the places to visit diverse.

For those who are interested in history there are over 3000 castles, palaces and other historic monuments and 12 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites. For the nature lovers there are four National Parks and more than 500 other protected areas. Need some time to switch off? The country could probably rank in the top 10 if it comes to the number of spas as there are 176 spas, most of them with a long tradition like the most popular spa in the town of Karlovy Vary or Frantiskovy Lazne.

Due to its proximity and its beautiful Adriatic coast Croatia has always been the number one destination of Czech tourists. The best months to travel are May and June as the weather is just perfect and above all not too hot for any kind of outdoor activity and of course September when the masses have thinned up, the prices are off-season again and fruits like figs and grapes abound.

Little more down south you will find the second favourite holiday destination of the Czechs.  Whether it is the history, the beautiful Greek Islands or the archaeological sites more and more Czech tourists feel attracted by this fascinating country which is at the same time familiar but still exotic.

With the improvement of the economic situation other destinations became more available to the average Czech. Countries like Turkey, Spain and Egypt rank high not only in Central Europe on the lists of favourite holiday destination but also in the Czech Republic.