Image: Edgard Hörz
Author: Carla C. Degen
Keyword: fines

Speeding and wrong parking are common misbehaviors resulting in fines but be careful as well with where you put your chewing gum and cigarette butt. Prague has issued a law against the littering of streets.

Caught dirtying the streets can be fined 1,000 crowns on the spot. If administrative proceedings are launched, the fine could climb up to 30,000 crowns.

Under the new decree, the unacceptable soiling of streets includes the throwing away of food scraps and other waste, as well as the feeding of pigeons and other animals. Also, people who fail to remove their dogs’ excrements as well as people spitting, urinating and vomiting in the street fall under the new decree.

Furthermore, washing cars with detergents in the street is no longer allowed. Liquids leaking and mud dropping from cars have to be immediately removed from the street by the owner.

Posters are not to be hanged in random places. They have to be placed in the selected spots; otherwise they are judged as soiling.

This initiative is an effort to make towns cleaner by immediately punishing petty offences that have been long left unnoticed.

In 2006 the Czech Republic introduced a penalty point system as an effort to make Czech roads safer. Drivers will be given one to seven points, depending on how serious their traffic offence was. For instance, one point is collected for driving without lights and seven points for driving under the influence of alcohol. If a driver collects 12 points, their driver’s license will be revoked and the offender is obliged to re-take the driving test and pay a considerable amount of fines.

Points can be revoked, provided that the driver is without offense for a whole year. 

Unlike in the case of Czech citizens taking away a foreigner’s driving license – obtained outside of the Czech Republic – is not possible. But the driver will nonetheless be prohibited from conducting motor vehicles on Czech roads for one year. Czech authorities will also report offenses committed by foreigners to according authorities in their respective home country, which will then deal with the cases.

The link below leads you to the Czech Penalty Point System, indicating which traffic offence will result in what number of penalty points. For instance, driving without a safety belt will lead to a fine of 2,000 Kc and 2 points.

Link: Czech Penalty Point system…