On holidays banks, offices, department stores and most shops are closed. Museums and restaurants, however, are generally open.

List of Public Holidays in the Czech Republic:

New Year’s Day 
1 January

Easter Monday                   
March/ April

Labour Day                   
1 May

Liberation Day                   
8 May

Saints Cyril & Methodius Day            
5 July

Jan Hus Day                   
6 July

Czech Statehood Day/ St. Wenceslas Day   
28 September

Republic Day                   
28 October

Struggle for Freedom & Democracy Day    
17 November

Christmas Eve                   
24 December

Christmas Day                   
25 December

Second Day of Christmas/ St. Stephen’s Day    
26 December

In case, you were wondering, Saints Cyril & Methodius Day commemorates the establishment of the Slavic Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets by the brother-Saints Cyril and Methodius. Even if there is evidence of the Cyrillic alphabet not being created by Cyril and Methodius at all but by their scholar, Clement of Ohrid, the alphabet still bears Cyril's name since there is not strong enough a proof that denies Cyril and Methodius’ authorship.

The other holidays seem quite self-explicable, except for maybe Jan Hus Day which commemorates religious reformer Jan Hus who was, as a consequence of his endeavors, burned at the stake on July 6, 1415.