Everybody goes through culture shock; some suffer from culture shock and others simply experience it. It is a real thing, a psychological phenomenon, not just a mantle term we like to apply in order to express our own amazement, disgust, and well, shock at other cultures’ habits.

Anyway, we can all agree that moving abroad comes with several symptoms and causes emotional stress.

However, maybe moving to a new environment is not the problem at all but a stressful work place or things going frantic at home. For whatever reason, counselors can easily be found in Prague.

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Balanced Lifestyles Counselling
Katerinska 24
12000 Prague
Phone: 724 175 208
Link: Balanced Lifestyles Counselling

Hazel Mycroft
Phone: 607 641 714
Link: Hazel Mycroft…

City Practice
Narodni 11
11000 Prague
Phone: 731 181 268
Link: City Practice…

Gail Whitmore
Phone: 775 248 363
Link: Gail Whitmore...

Terapie Info, s.r.o.
Národní 11
11000 Prague 1
Phone: 603 859 380
Link: Terapie Info…

InnerWorks - Personal Development & Spiritual Growth
Polny 7
16200 Prague
Phone: 777 600 874
Link: InnerWorks - Personal Development & Spiritual Growth…

Dr. Belle McDonnell
U studánky 5
170 00 Prague 7
Phone: 731 327 190

B. Jacuch Counselling
Phone: 776 465 147
Link: B. Jacuch Counselling…

Behar Psychology Center
Kateřinská 24
128 00 Prague 2
Phone: 724 240 160 or 224 910 928
Link: Behar Psychology Center…