Civil Law Notaries.

What can a notary do for an expat, or Czech for that matter, in the Czech Republic? That is easily answered; they offer service in three primary areas, civil law, business law and civil procedure. Hence they deal with inheritance procedures, drafting of civil law contracts, authenticating documents, family law acts and a number of other legal actions.

Who are they and where can they found? The last question, however, as naïve it may seem at first, is very valid in the Czech Republic. Since here notaries are somewhat a very exclusive and elusive branch of entrepreneurs.

Under the Commercial Code notaries are considered entrepreneurs but they do have public authority in certain areas as well invested into them by the state. This unique status finally entails specific rules and responsibilities which make the previous question of how to find them indeed quite interesting.  Seeing that notaries are, for instance, not allowed to advertise their services – hence no websites – and the fact that even the size and the way their door sign looks is predefined. All this adds up to this, you might have to go on a ‘notary hunt’ or just read on…

Please note that Amazing Prague may or may not have direct knowledge of the law firms listed below; nor can we comment on their professional abilities or language skills, for which we take no responsibility.

The following link leads to a Czech notary website including many addresses, the English translation of which unfortunately is not yet complete.

Judr. Marcela Rychlá     
Štěpánská 611/14
11000 Prague 1
Phone: 222 231 793

Notářka JUDr. Olga Křemenová     
Malátova 17
15000 Prague 5
Phone: 257 323 408

Judr. Holub, Judr. Kleinová, Mgr. Mrzena    
Bělehradská 643/77
Prague 2
Phone: 222 517 716 or 719

Judr. Alena Skoupá     
náměstí Míru 9
Prague 2
Phone: 221 596 525 8

Judr. Vymlátilová, Judr. Matějka     
Šafaříkova 5
Prague 2
Phone: 224 251 122

Judr. Jan Hofmann
Karlovo nám. 28
Prague 2
Phone: 221 411 190 8

Judr. Marie Tlášková
Sokolská 31
Prague 2
Phone: 224 266 707 or 227


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