Public Toilets, Bathrooms.

Public toilets, let’s call a spade a spade, are not everyone’s favourite topic. In fact, most people despise them for obvious reasons. But if nature calls what are you gonna do? Well, there are some surprisingly agreeable loos out there and who would have thought that an entire website is dedicated to them? You will find the website below.

Generally, public restrooms in Prague cost you a small fee (usually about 5 Kc) as it is common in most European countries. Somewhat less ordinary, however, is the system of toilet paper dispensers placed on the wall before the actual entrance of the restroom or respectively a lady distributing the valuable good. Beware you have to buy your share of tissue!

In restaurants and cafés you can go for free being a paying costumer, you can always try to sneak your way in, though. Also, the bigger department stores have public restrooms.

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