Health Insurance.

Health Insurance

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Author: Carla C. Degen
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Foreign nationals in the Czech Republic are required to have health insurance. This is in fact a firm obligation; if arriving without insurance – and this means neither insured in the Czech Republic nor in one’s home country – one may be refused entrance at the Czech border.

Please bear in mind, that although this may seem harsh, it does make sense, since the smallest examination or medical procedure requires payment in cash which can be very high, if you are not properly insured.

Also, you will have to pay cash if you are insured outside the European Union, but of course, you can discuss reimbursement after the treatment with your provider. EU members should be fully covered, although confirming with your provider is advisable.

Good thing, if you are legally employed with a Czech firm you should automatically have insurance since Czech employers have to take care of it according to Czech law.

What if you do not have insurance yet? VZP is the largest provider of general health insurance in the Czech Republic. Pojistovna VZP is its official partner providing health insurance for foreigners; unfortunately, their website is in Czech only.

Further, there are independent insurance providers as well which may offer more extensive coverage as well as English service – which comes in handy – but they may also be a little more expensive.

In-depth information about health insurance in the Czech Republic can be obtained from the official website of the country.


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