Prague recycles unlike many other cities in the world. The city operates communal recycling facilities for paper, plastic and glass.

olour-coded large bins can be found at the corners of most streets. Some buildings have communal recycling boxes. The colour of the bins is according to the waste product.

Paper & cardboard
In Czech: Papir

In Czech: Plasty

Glass – any colour
In Czech: Sklo

Note that some beverages bought in glass bottles may have refund value for the return of the empty bottles at the participating sellers. In Czech this is called Óvykup lahviÓ.

But what to do with cans and metal? Very few locations have bins for metal, they are grey. If there isn’t one where you live, you have to take your metal recycling down to the local recycling center which can be found in every district.

For a detailed list of services, please see Pražské služby’s website.

Pražské služby
Phone: 284 091 888

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