Whenever travelling or even moving abroad, people tend to be more concerned with questions of safety than they are at home. It may slightly remind you of the Romans’ suspicion of the Barbarians.

And this is in no way meant derogatory for neither the Barbarians – no insult as such, it plainly meant ‘foreigners’ – nor the Romans.

If you do not know where you are going, you do not know what to expect. Will I be attacked might the Roman soldier have wondered, while you are maybe more concerned about pickpocketing.

Yes, pickpockets are a problem especially in touristy spots. As they are in nearly every big city in the world. But the Czech Republic has just introduced a special police force called the “The Royal Mile” which are groups of policemen and students patrolling the big tourist spots. Specifically, the section connecting Wenceslas Square with the Prague Castle via Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. They are there to shy away pickpockets, fraudsters and other shady folks and for your convenience they carry city maps, know several languages (thanks to the students) and do have water for your dog on a hot day. Now, that is a great service! All in all, use common sense, avoid crowds if possible and you should be fine.