Known as ‘Poona’ in 18th century India and brought to England in the 1860s by British Army officers, Badminton was first played at upper-class country houses as a sporty amusement.

In fact, it was only a decade after the initial introduction that a Duke Beaufort invited friends to his home, the Badminton House, for a friendly racket game.  Thus ‘The Game of Badminton’ was coined and rapidly became a popular free time diversion. Nothing much has changed. Well, the shuttlecock usually is no longer made of feathers and the racket is not wooden anymore but the gist remains.

If you’d care for some Poona in Prague, see where you can go.

Sportzentrum Hamr

ul. Vltavanů 1542
14700 Prague 4
Phone: 244 462 467 or 470
Czech Link: Sportzentrum Hamr…

R5 sportovní a relaxační centrum

Růžová 5
11000 Prague 1
Phone: 222 242 322
Czech Link: Badminton at R5…

Sportcentrum Nove Butovice
Ovčí Hájek 2174
15800 Prague 5
Phone: 235 518 816
Link: Badminton at Sport Butovice…

Tj Astra Zahradní Město

V Korytech 157/27
10600 Prague 10
Phone: 272 769 717 or 272 768 582
Czech Link: Tj Astra Zahradní Město…

Badminton Sokol Liben

Zenklova 37/2,
18000 Prague 8 – Libeň
Phone: 723 442 846 or 732 411 576
Czech Link: Badminton Sokol Liben…

Sportcentrum Step
Malletova 2350/6
19000 Prague – Libeň
Phone: 272 178 178
Link: Sportcentrum Step…