Dog Licence.

Dog Licence

Photo: Garry Green
Author: Carla C. Degen

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It’s a dog’s life in the Czech Republic. Czechs love their poochies and you see them everywhere. Some sources say that nowhere else in the world as many dogs are owned as in the Czech Republic.

Anyway, if you decide to bring your pet with you from another country, you have to make sure it has had the required rabies vaccinations and these confirmed in a veterinary certificate. Also, in the long run your pet has to be equipped with a microchip or tattooed number to aid in identification.

Also, all dogs have to be registered in your district, plus you have to fill out a registration card identifying yourself as the owner.

The filled out card is to be send to:


Magistrát hl. m. Prahy (Prague City Council)
Vyšehradská 57
Prague 2