International Schooling.

As one would expect the schooling system is going through massive reform since joining the EU. In Prague around 90% of children from 3 years old attend nursery school, called mateøská škola, in which places are usually free.

From 6 the little cherubs are off to big school, which is when their compulsory education begins. For those who need specialised help with their education, schools for children with special needs are available and steps towards inclusion of special needs in main stream schools are fast being made.

Commonly, expats tend to send their children to one of the international schools of which there are many in Prague – a sign of the cities modernity; however, they are an expensive option as is the case in most parts of Europe.

English International School

English International School.

The English International School, Prague is a fee paying co-educational day school teaching pupils from 18 months to 18 years using the National Curriculum of England, which for English children moving to Prague is a huge advantage...

International Montessori School of Prague

International Montessori School of Prague.

This is the first and only American Montessori accredited school in the whole of Europe and is named after Dr Maria Montessori, who created the Montessori Methodology that focuses on the ‘whole child’, academically, physically, emotionally...

Riverside School

Riverside School.

A non-profit Christian school for children from the age of 3 until 18, the Riverside School is run by a team of UK and US academics using both the UK curriculum and American Teaching Resources to ensure a smoother transition for...

The Prague British School

The Prague British School.

PBS offers children education based on the English National Curriculum and currently has around 600 students from both the local and international communities in Prague. It has a Scholarship system, although it has limitations being...

International School of Prague

International School of Prague.

Its mission statement is; Everyone Included, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Successful. This school was established in 1948 and is accredited with both the Council for International Schools and the New England Association...

Deutsche Schule Prag

Deutsche Schule Prag.

Offering education in accordance with the German education system, the school offers students learning in the German language as well as insights into the Czech culture. The school believes that parents, students and teachers...