House of the Black Madonna.

The House of the Black Madonna

Photo: NGPrague
Author: Carla C. Degen
Keyword: black madonna

What wondrous thing might lie behind this mystical name? A small cubist art museum is the answer. Plus it is the first and perhaps still most famous example of Cubist architecture in the Czech Republic.

Constructed between 1911 and 1912, it was only re-opened after many years of alternate use in 2003. After extensive restoration it is now home to an exhibition on Cubism as a life style including examples of furniture, art, commercial art and architecture.
Czechoslovakia had more than its neighboring European countries applied Cubism on industrial and furniture design, architecture and as a whole on life style, instead of focusing on paintings only.

When the house was built the neighborhood was afraid that the new Cubist building would not fit into the surrounding Baroque style. It however worked out nicely as you can still see today. By the way, the Baroque symbol of the Black Madonna which once gave the house its name is still present behind a golden grille. Also, the Cubist cafe Grand Cafe Orient as part of the house is open again. It was reconstructed according to old photographs and sketches.

The House of the Black Madonna
Ovocný trh 19
110 00 Praha 1

Phone: 224 211 746

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun: 10 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 6 pm

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