Rudolfinum - Dvorak Hall.

Rudolfinum - Dvorak Hall

Photo: Dvorak Hall
Author: Tracy Lee Bradbury
Keyword: dvorak, rudolfinum

Home to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra this concert hall boasts exceptional acoustic characteristics and is a much sought after location for many film companies who have chosen to record soundtracks to major block buster films here, such as Kevin Costner’s Open Range.

The building, which is called Rudolfinum, designed by Josef Zitek and Josef Schultz in 1884, was at one time home to the Czechoslovak Parliament; however, today it is used solely for the purposes in which it was built – concerts and art exhibitions. Inside this magnificent building is the main hall, called Dvorak Hall named after the great Czech composer, where you will hear the magnificent Czech Philharmonic Orchestra presenting many compositions from Mozart to Tchaikovsky, in what is truly a luxurious concert hall.

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