Soul Searching? Why not check out one of Prague’s Jazz or Blues clubs. Whilst locked behind the iron curtain, jazz music symbolised artistic and personal freedom during a time when other forms of music, including rock, were forbidden.

During this time jazz clubs were, to some extent, tolerated as it was considered to be an art form by the Soviets, unlike rock which was considered to be extremely subversive and treasonous. Perhaps this explains why this genre of music is so important here and why Prague is home to one of the biggest international jazz music festivals in the world, and why it houses a multitude of credible jazz and blues cafes and bars.

Many famous jazz musicians have performed in Prague including Mr. Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, Stan Getz Quintet, B.B. King, Herbie Hancock and Dave Brubeck.



This is a popular club that attracts some of the most well known artists from all over the world. In keeping with Czech style, ticket prices are very affordable. Their website offers e-ticketing, making it easier for you to book...

Reduta Jazz Club

Reduta Jazz Club.

The oldest Jazz club, founded in 1958 during the communist occupation of Prague. Did you ever catch Bill Clinton, the then President of the USA, jamming on a saxophone with Vaclav Havel to My Funny Valentine on the tele...

Metropolitan Jazz Club.

Downstairs in the basement is where you will find this popular jazz haunt. Home to a house-trio, Dixieland and swing bands galore! The music here is very palatable and the atmosphere is authentic and surprisingly the music...

Dinitz Café – Metropol Music Club

Dinitz Café – Metropol Music Club.

This club was formerly called Dinitz Café, and the locals still know it so. However, last year it underwent a bit of a transformation and got itself a new neo-art deco interior, a new restaurant and a new name; Metropol Music Club...