Reduta Jazz Club.

Reduta Jazz Club

Photo: Reduta Jazz Club
Author: Tracy-Lee Bradbury
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The oldest Jazz club, founded in 1958 during the communist occupation of Prague. Did you ever catch Bill Clinton, the then President of the USA, jamming on a saxophone with Vaclav Havel to My Funny Valentine on the tele?

Yes, as hard as it is to imagine this event did actually take place and it took place in this club back in 1994 and, as you enter the club, you will find a picture of this special moment on the wall! Reduta is legendary in Prague and every year hosts the International Jazz Festival. The Reduta is where every ‘anybody’ or ‘wannabe’ in the Czech Jazz scene has played.

Drinks are a little more expensive here, but only if you’re comparing them locally, as compared to similar clubs in western Europe it is still good value. Reduta is open every day from 9 pm until 3 am.

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