Like the theatre? Speak Czech? If you really want to have the Czech-experience then you must forget the language barrier and take in one of the local theatrical performances. Praguers are famous for making ‘Black-Light Theatre’ famous!

Imagine a completely black background with only iridescent lighting and a stage production that rivals any pantomime, and you will have an idea of what to expect from one of the many Czech theatre productions that run all year round.

Brought the kids along? Then why not try another local delicacy and go to one of the puppet or marionette shows, which although are usually in Czech, have enough interaction, humour and visual effects to keep the whole family entertained. Family ticket prices are very affordable and the kids will love it – no matter what age they are!

Celetna Theatre

Celetna Theatre.

The Divaldlo v Celetne is set within a courtyard in a charming but small building. It is here that you will find something truly unusual; Shakespeare translated into Czech, and if you’re like some of us, you may actually come...

Image Theatre

Image Theatre.

This is one of the black light theatre houses and if you haven’t ever seen one of these productions than this would be our top tip! With performances held daily at 8pm it is an interactive affair, so if you’re shy you may prefer...

Spejbl & Hurvinek Theatre

Spejbl & Hurvinek Theatre.

Josef Skupa’s puppet family made up of Spejbl, Hurvinek, Manicka, Mrs Katerina and Zeryk the dog have been delighting audiences since the 1930’s. This is good old fashioned family entertainment; fun and laughs for everyone...

Minor Theatre

Minor Theatre.

This was building of the Year 2002, because it was built for kids and kids at heart.  The theatre is home to puppets – lots of puppets and on occasion also lets real children perform here too. Because it was build with little...

National Marionette Theatre

National Marionette Theatre.

Right now you’re thinking puppets! You’re also thinking children performances! You are half right – it is a puppet theatre but it isn’t only for the children. This is a tribute to Mozart and his inspirational operatic masterpieces such...