Museum of Communism.

Museum of Communism

Photo: Museum of Communism
Author: Carla C. Degen
Keyword: museum, communism

The red star points to it – this museum is about a dark but non-forgotten era of Prague. Learn and sense how life must have been like under the Communist regime reigning over the Czech Republic from 1948 to 1989.

See an impressive collection of silent witnesses of forty years on a considerably small area – Part of the exhibition is a general overview about the rise and fall of Communism as well as a replica of an historical schoolroom and an interrogation room. Also, a documentary film is shown; this vivid recall of the hardships of former times makes for a profound, educating and moving round-up of your visit to the Museum of Communism.
Somewhat ironically, the museum was established in the midst of Mc Donald’s and a casino – an interesting contrast.

Museum of Communism
Na Prikope 10
110 00 Prague 1

Phone:  224 212 966

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9 am – 9.00 pm
including holidays except for the 24 December.

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