Museum of the City
of Prague.

Museum of the City of Prague

Photo: Muzeumprahy
Author: Carla C. Degen
Keyword: museum, prague

City museums obviously inform about the history and development of a city, this one is no exception. The permanent collection documents the history of the Bohemian city of Prague from its foundation in the ninth century to the present day.

This information is spiced up with a city model showing Prague as it was in 1830. Covering 20 square meters one can very well compare modern Prague to the old version, this beautiful replica, constructed in an 11-year period, is worth a visit alone.

Muzeum hlavního mesta Prahy
Na porící 52
Nové Mesto
Prague 8

Phone: 224 816 773

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun:  9 am – 6:00 pm

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