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Image: Greg
Author: Garry Green
amazing capitals

The Amazing Capitals web platforms are an inspiring, valuable source of knowledge and solid support for expatriates from across the globe. Written in the international language of business, they assist foreign professionals settle into and live in their new location.

It's here that expats find the necessary formalities and must do's, things to see and enjoy as well as ways to contact other people in similar situations. Presenting a holistic approach for these unique people, the concept also offers opportunities to organisations and companies. Those employing such personnel are able to source reliable information and help keep their staff happy.

Business travellers spending just a few days in the region benefit too from exciting insights within well-structured navigation and refreshing design that are easy to use.

Amazing Capitals offer diverse formats to inform and help our readers. Independently ownedand run, they are funded by sponsorships, relevant advertising and local institutions. Coexisting alongside official administrative and tourism websites, the projects offer unique positioning into a well educated, high earning and consuming audience with extremely diverse needs.

The new Amazing Capitals format is even more streamlined to enable readers a speedier search for what they are looking for. With a more streamlined navigation of three main zones, the site offers Expat Life, Things To Do and The Location.

Expat Life is a highly important area where the necessities for relocating can be found. Registration, local drivers licence, pet licence, international schools and many more topics will be treated extensively. There will also be a new Expat Essentials section.

Things To Do will inform of exhibitions, events and the important, hard to find international happenings and traditions organised by local business, cultural and social clubs.

The Location reveals the the attractions of the city or region. How to get around, the infrastructure, institutions and also the fascinating local flavours and cultures can all be explained here.

Modern, open and beautifully styled, social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will also be smoothly integrated into the new design to help enable foreigners to locate others in similar situations and with similar tastes.

Join us soon for a new modern and open experience to be launched in 2012. Amazing Capitals offers clean, solid information and is still one of the most comprehensive Expat guides available anywhere.