The Jablonex Group is one of the largest specialized glassmaking companies. Their product choice ranges from fashion jewellery over several kinds of beads to chandeliers and semi-finished glass products.

Seed beads are semi-finished glass products used for fashion jewellery and are available in different types. Additionally Jablonex Group produces several kinds of beads such as pressed, fire-polished and machine-cut beads as well as imitation pearls. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes and have been sold to 80 countries in five continents for the past 50 years. The fashion jewellery produced by the Jablonex Group is said to combine tradition and quality with the latest fashion trends.

Two seasonal collections are presented every year embodying modernity and creativity. Components such as artificial flowers and glass stones for decoration purposes do also belong to the large product choice. Based on a contract with the Czech National Bank Jablonex Group is the supplier of all circulation coins in the Czech Republic as well as producer of special medals and commemorative coins. Last but not least chandeliers with glass trimmings are also produced by Jablonex since 2005. They are sold both in the Czech Republic and many other countries in the world.

For additional information on their offers please visit the Jablonex Group website.

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