April Fools Day.

April Fools Day

Photo: Edgard Hörz
Author: Garry R. Hurskainen-Green

Keyword: april fools

Government officials today confirmed introduction of new parliament legislation. Following the tradition of its northern neighbours, it is expected that new laws banning the use of the formal thou, Sie, in German will be passed in the next few days.

Sources close to cabinet ministers confirmed that urgency was needed to enable maximum publicity during the EU presidency, which ends on 30 June this year.

One government official who wished to remain annonymous, claimed there was much discussion amonst coalition partners. The majority of the conservative block expressed concern about the difficulties the elderly may experience. However, the conservative far right, whilst not in favour, felt they would gain momentum and their core topics of family and children new impetus.

The populist left in the labour party supported all ideas that aided their new topic of German emotionalism, set in motion by the football world cup last summer. It was stated that they wish to formulate further proposals, to be debated in the autumn.

The head of the liberal party commented they found the issue exciting but would be voting against legislation out of principle. The green party were unfortunately not available for comment due to their current internal party political debate on taxing aircraft travel more heavily.

Duden, the highly regarded and traditional publishers and self named language police, were apparently surprised and outraged by the move but not available for comment, due to Sunday closing.

It will be interesting to see if the populace enjoy practicing the informal, Du, on not only their friends but also perfect strangers.

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