You may assume rightly that the customs and habits in Eastern Europe might differ from what you know from your home country. To avoid some common pitfalls you should carefully read the tips and advices we collected for you.

First things first. When and how do you greet people? To an Anglophone it might seem exaggerated but the Czechs greet everyone, even complete strangers, in almost every imaginable situation. Whether you enter a shop or a train compartment, whether you sit down at a table in a pub or a restaurant you should acknowledge the presence of others, show respect and simply say hello. Same accounts for leaving and saying goodbye. The Czechs are rather reserved so you should use Pan (Mr.) or Pani (Mrs.) or stick to their titles unless they offer you their first name.

If you are invited to a Czech household you will be expected to take off your shoes right after entering. Don’t worry, you will be provided with comfortable slippers every Czech has got prepared for guests.

You might bring a bottle of wine for the landlord and chocolates or flowers for the landlady.