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To me, they look Chinese. Hear them speak and you think again. Fascinating places like Singapore, London, San Francisco and Vancouver show us how pathetic we are when needing to define origins and nationalities upon appearances...

La Brioche Lyonnaise.

La Brioche Lyonnaise.

Considering its eateries, Montréal is a great place for foodies and in this point way closer to Paris than to Toronto. La Brioche Lyonnaise is one fine example. This source of French pastry delights looks like it would just around...

L'As du Falafel

L'As du Falafel - Where Lenny eats Falafel.

On one of my strolls through Paris, I ended up at the Marais in front of a falafel place. Well, ended up is perhaps not the right word, since I had consciously headed for Paris’ charming Jewish Quarter but only by chance ended up eating...

Adelaide’s Belgian Embassy

Adelaide’s Belgian Embassy.

Finding a good pub or restaurant is really not hard in Adelaide. Its eating and drinking venues around Rundle Street and East Terrace or Melbourne Street and O’Connell Street boast of excellent locations from the cozy to the stylish...

Lotash Seed.

Many who travel to Bangkok make a beeline to Khao San Road to experience the intense fast lane there and in the district. Others do their best to avoid it. Lotash Seed on the Rambutree Road running parallel, just beyond the massage...

Moscow Souvenirs

Moscow Souvenirs.

Visiting Russia’s capital for only couple of days, especially when being on a busy business trip, may often not allow one to see much of this vast megacity and its many sights. Even buying souvenirs for family and friends back home can...