Photo: NLGX
Author: Garry Green
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To me, they look Chinese. Hear them speak and you think again. Fascinating places like Singapore, London, San Francisco and Vancouver show us how pathetic we are when needing to define origins and nationalities upon appearances or make assumptions along ethnic lines. Thank goodness.

These guys are sons of families around the world in the United States, Germany and Canada who have come to Beijing and we have the good fortune of making their acquaintance. They possess a design and lifestyle brand called NLGX and have a place on Nanluoguxiang, a hutong, as the old streets are known.

Not only do they sell their own branded t-shirts but offer a wonderfully relaxed and friendly atmosphere in their café and a roof terrace that needs to be experienced, now that spring has arrived. Clean design with super freshness, this place differs to all the other popular places on the street. The Hutong was “designated by the Beijing government as a historical site for preservation and showcase for Chinese culture. The area received a face lift in early 2006 - the hutong road was paved with grey bricks, storefronts were renovated, and cafes and shops were opened - and the area has since evolved into a favourite spot for local hipsters, musicians, freelancers, and tourists.”

I am especially proud that this group of friendly, active, innovative and proud guys are our partners for our upcoming Beijing site. The future has started today. Thanks guys.


33 Nanluoguxiang
Dongcheng District, Beijing 100009
中国 100009
Phone: +86-10 6404 8088


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