Closed: Photo Competition.

Courtesy of Dyson, win either an upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner by entering your best image or images of Dusseldorf and region into our photography competition; people, buildings, scenes... anything.

The culture here is most likely different to back home. This many facetted city and its surroundings offer a veritable feast of image and impressions to underline the fact. Whether people or architectural, nature or the arts, try your hand at showing these aspects and send us your favorite photos.

Participation in the photo competition is easy. Simply send up to five digital photos of your choice to the email address below. The images should consist of a minimum of 640 x 480 pixels.

After the closing date, a jury will choose the image it considers to be the most exciting or typical for Düsseldorf. The winner will subsequently be informed by email in order to arrange the delivery of the prize. If you are interested and have accepted the terms and conditions, just grab your camera, nip out and shoot then send us your photos. Closing date: 30 April 2007.


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The Winning Photo:

Photo: Caroline West
Dyson - Others clog, ours don't

Dyson - Others clog, ours don't

If you are as frustrated with traditional bag vacuum cleaning as James Dyson was, constantly clogging and ineffective at picking up dust and dirt, determined to act in 1973...