Photo: Mapy
Carla C. Degen

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Long gone the times where you lay crouched over a huge crinkly paper map scanning the small routes – perhaps with a magnifying glass.

No longer felt pens glide over actual physical paper, instead a few clicks reveal a digital map of just about every place you could possibly think of going including a mark indicating how to get from A to B in either the shortest amount of time or following the most scenic route.

In case you don’t feel nostalgia for the good old paper maps now, here are a few useful links to their digital equivalents.

Nevertheless, every so often an ‘actual’ map in hand can still be quite reassuring; especially upon discovery that the easy-access Internet route has led you into the sticks. This is not common but it has happened before.

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A fun option to get an idea of what is where in Prague, the Czech Republic and the world – with photos if you check ‘fotografie’ – is clicking on Mapy.

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