Public Transport.

Public Transport

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Author: Matt Scheibel

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Prague’s integrated public transport is one of the best in Europe. Metro, trams, and buses combine seamlessly into a single mode of transportation within the city. Safe, efficient, intimate, and environmentally friendly, public transport is the best option for exploring the capital and a great chance to rub elbows with locals.

The metro is the quickest method of transport within the city, and calls at major intersections and points of interest. The city is intersected by 3 lines. Line A transports passengers from the northwest at Dejvická to the east at Depo Hostivař. Line B runs from the northeast at Černý Most to the southwest suburbs terminating at Zličín. Line C travels from Letňany in the far north to Háje in the southeast. Traveling via tram takes passengers to most secondary locations and points of interest. Buses complete the transport network taking passengers to tertiary locations not served by tram or metro.

A wide variety of tickets and transport passes are available to suit individual needs. Passengers must buy a ticket before boarding the metro, trams or buses. Tickets are available from automated machines at all metro stops, major tram stops, newsstands, kiosks, hotels, and information offices. A standard transfer ticket will cost 26Kč and is valid for unlimited stops and transfers within 75 minutes of validation. To validate, insert the ticket into the yellow machines at the entrances to metro stops and on trams. Recently an efficient new ticketing method has come into effect for purchasing a standard 26Kč transfer ticket. Simply send a SMS message with the letters “DPT” to (+420) 902 06 26. Within 2 minutes a SMS ticket will be sent to your mobile. Charges will be applied to monthly bills or credit deducted from prepaid mobiles.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly transport passes are also available and offer substantial savings. A day ticket valid for 24 hours from validation will cost 100 Kč. Planning a long term stay? 30/90/365 day passes are available from transport information offices located at Muzeum, Můstek, Anděl, and Nádraží Holešovice metro stops. These passes cost 550Kč/1480Kč/4750Kč respectively. These do not need to be validated, just be prepared to show the pass in the event of an inspection.

Taking advantage of Prague’s vicious nightlife? Night buses and trams run from about midnight till 4am when the regular transport services shut down. Night transport always begins with the number 5. Night trams are numbered 51-58 with night buses taking numbers 501-512. It is usually wise to research the options and stops of the night services before heading out.
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