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Carla C. Degen

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Going by train is most of the time a good alternative to taking the car or boarding on a plane. Actually, most of the time travelling on rail can be pretty fun and relaxing. You’ll see the countryside and can finally read that book you always wanted to read. See what you have to know taking the train in the Czech Republic…

There are seven types of domestic and international trains to choose from in the Czech Republic. In chronological order – sorted from the slowest to the fastest there is – these are Os and Sp trains, R and Ex, IC and EC and finally the fastest option, the SC Pendolino. Pedolino sounds Italian to you? Indeed, this smooth railway directly speeded over from Italy to run across the Czech Republic. The Italian product connects Prague and Ostrava with stops in Pardubice and Olomouc.

If you have a few hours to kill, hop on the Os or Sp; you’ll receive a really very slow train and more often than not a scenic journey in return.

Connecting larger cities and towns, the R and Ex trains are your choice for travelling at a faster pace. If you like to get places still quicker, you might want to consider paying an extra fee and taking the IC or EC instead. Also, they have a dining car typically featuring the expected overpriced sandwich and soft drink.

The official Czech railways are called Ceske drahy or short CD; on their website you get general information, time tables and online reservations.

Anyway, reservations can be made for the Ex, IC, EC and SC trains – either directly at a CD booking office or over the internet.

Link: Ceske drahy (CD)…