No stay in the Czech capital is complete without racing through the cobblestone streets at dangerous speeds as a passenger in one of the infamous taxis. Official taxis must have a yellow roof light with black letters, a list of fares, business name and a taxi identification number on both front doors.

Beware; overcharging is a common practice among the notoriously corrupt Prague taxi drivers. Taxi stands in tourist areas and around train stations have the worst reputations. If hailing a taxi in the street must be done, always ask the approximate fare before entering, that the taximeter be used and for a receipt on the way out. The best option is to simply ring one of the Prague’s Taxi Companies to receive a fair rate and professional service.

Prague Airport Transfers: 777 777 237
AAA Taxis: 140 14
City Taxi: 257 257 257
Halo Taxi: 44 114 411
Sedop: 271 722 222

Link: Prague Taxi Website…