Airport Getaway.

Airport Getaway

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Author: Matt Scheibel
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Most visitors to the Czech capital arrive via Prague’s Ruzyné International Airport. Then what? There is no direct train or subway connection from the airport to city center which makes exiting the airport a bit complicated. Reaching the city center by public transport will require about 45 minute’s time.

A few options exist for getting to and from the airport. The Airport Express bus operates directly from Nádraží Holešovice to Ruzyné International Airport. The quickest way to reach the city center is via bus number 119 which runs from the airport terminals to the Dejvická metro stop at the end of line A in about 20 minutes. Transfer to the metro and continue to the city center. Bus 100 departs from both terminals and will transport you to the Zličín metro stop at the end of line B in about 15 minutes. Buses 179 and 225 are also available to transport passengers from the terminal to the Nové Butovice metro stop. This journey takes approximately 40 minutes and is recommended for those living in the outer districts of Prague.

Arriving in the dead of night? Night bus 510 departs both terminals and is destined for Sídlišté Stodůlky.   Transfer to night tram 51 at the stop Divoká Šárka and continue to the city center.

Taxi rides to the city center will take about 30 minutes and cost approximately 650Kč. It is not recommended to hail a cab for transport to/from the airport. Instead call one of the reputable taxi agencies and have transport pre-arranged.

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