City Feeling.

Stunning architecture, liquid gold, and a mysterious depth attract millions of visitors a year to Prague. First impressions can vary greatly though. Those who arrive via Hlavní Nádraží may not get the best first impression of this great city. Those arriving via Prague’s Ruzyné International will likely get a better first impression. However, once in the city’s breathtaking historical center the impression is almost always the same.

Few cities can match Prague’s unique combination of depth and beauty. Like a good lover, the city and its inhabitants have the ability to captivate you with spectacular beauty, a dark mysterious soul, and an unrivaled passion. Getting lost in the winding cobble stone streets of the old town is an absolute must for any first time visitor to Prague. Every corner and turn offers a deeper glance into the essence and soul that defines Prague.

The Czech capital has a distinctive quality in that it has a bit of a split personality. Venture into the main tourist traps and the atmosphere can be quite circus like and slightly off-putting. Although the tourism plays a large role in the atmosphere the city exudes, it is by no means the true essence of it. Venture off the tourist trail and discover the Prague that will excite you, stimulate your senses, test your perceptions, shatter a few stereotypes, and leave you craving more and more.