Rural Surroundings.

Have you ever wondered why your Czech neighbour hastily packs up the Skoda on Friday and returns only on Sunday night? He and his family probably leave the city for a weekend in the country.

Czechs love the countryside as it provides a natural source for relaxation and inspiration. You will see why, once you have left the urban buzz of Prague and find yourself in the midst of mountains, water, meadows and forests. Now you probably never want to leave.

The Czech countryside offers a pleasant combination of diverse terrains – Hilly territory for biking and hiking; valleys with lakes for bathing and picnicking and deep forests for an inspiring walk.


The Czech Republic is divided into three historic lands; Bohemia to the West nearly takes up half of the country and is with a size of about 52 000 square kilometers the largest part. To the outer North East of the country’s territory..


Bohemian composer of world-fame, Bedřich Smetana, dedicated an eponymous symphonic poem to the river Vltava, which in its enchanting melody follows the river’s flow through the country. Listen to this wonderful piece and wonder...


One glance over a geographical map reveals the Czech Republic is a land framed by mountains. They are not as high that you could dwell in alpine pleasures; then again, they are high enough for a sporty hike and even some skiing...

Nature Reserves.

Even though technically you have to distinguish between Nature Reserves, National Parks, Protected Landscape Art and surely some categories more, let’s not do this. Pedantry aside, the Czech Republic has many spots that fall..

Scenic Routes.

A comfortable alternative to exploring the Czech countryside by foot or by bike is taking one’s car or renting a vehicle. The advantages are not far to seek; you can comfortably manage larger distances per day and have enough...



What could be more fun than a day spent splishing and splashing in turquoise water? Perhaps having nine aqua slides keeping your kids entertained. And who are we kidding, you probably would not mind a cool run through...


One condition of enjoying a good bike trip is jumping on your bike and cycling straight away from Prague’s center. Yes, riding one’s bike inside Prague, though it has become more and more popular, is just not a lot of fun...


Approximately 40 060 km of walking trials speak for themselves, going on a walking trip is definitely an option in the Czech Republic. Enjoy the beautiful countryside while you make your way through deep forests, lush meadows...