Nature Reserves.

Even though, there are ways of categorizing nature reserves, let’s not do this.

The Czech Republic has many spots that fall under one of the above mentioned categories and six of them are National Parks. In the Giant Mountains you will find one of them, it is called Krkonošský národní park, often abbriviated to KRNAP, with a total area of 370 square kilometers.

The Podyjí National Park is in South Moravia protecting prehistoric forests along the Thaya River valley. It connects to the small Thayatal National Park in Austria. Both National Park and Protected Landscape Area, the Šumava is with an area of more than 690 square kilometers the largest protected area in the Czech Republic. Little touched by human settlement, nature is well-preserved and nearly entirely wild in this region albeit some reforestations. Numerous large bogs and glacial lakes as well as remnants of primeval forests make this natural sanctuary a preferred home to lynxes.

Protected area since 1972, České Švýcarsk, Bohemian Switzerland, only became a National Park in 2000. By the way, the name for this nature protection zone as well as its neighboring counterpart Saxon Switzerland was inspired by two Swiss artists visiting whom the landscape reminded of home. The Bohemian Paradise, Český ráj, became the first Protected Landscape Area of the Czech Republic in 1955.

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