Photo: Aqua Palace
Author: Carla C. Degen
Keywords: visits

What could be more fun than a day spent splishing and splashing in turquoise water? Perhaps having nine aqua slides keeping your kids entertained. And who are we kidding, you probably would not mind a cool run through a tunnel slide either, would you? But there is more…

Billed as the largest water park in central Europe the Aqua Palace offers all this plus a pool area, a sauna, a spa complex and a fitness center. Located merely six kilometers away from Prague in Čestlice it is an attractive destination for a relaxing and fun day.

If you want to make your children happy, consider a trip to the Beckiland. Go-karts, trampolines, monkey bars, foosball tables and a special offering for toddlers are just a few of the choices.

Or you may want to try the Velky Luna Park, located at the Stromovka Park in the suburbs of Prague. It is a small permanent fairground with a ferris wheel and other rides.

More traditional and something for the entire family is the Toboggan run in Prosek, open year round you can combine nature and action by dashing down the hill in a toboggan. Always a favourite is a trip to the zoo; at the Zoologická zahrada in the district of Troja in the North of Prague visitors can see about 630 different species on an area of 45 hectares.

If you are especially interested in sea dwellers, the largest aquarium of the Czech Republic is another option. The Morsky Svet Sea World is home for instance to a large sand shark which calls a tank filled with 100, 000 liters of water his empire. His subjects many colorful species among them shoals of coral fishes. The tank itself is decorated with natural corals whilst a special lighting system simulates day and night in the ocean. Two more large aquariums and many smaller ones give you in-depth insights into life under water.

Aqua Palace
Ulice Pražská
komerční zóna Průhonice – Čestlic
Phone: 271 104 111
Link: Aqua Palace…

Avion Shopping Park Zličín
Skandinávská 5a
Prague 5
Phone: 774 77 70 70
Link: Beckiland…

Prosek Toboggan run
Prosecká 77/34
180 00 Praha 9 - Prosek
Czech Link: Prosek Toboggan run…

Zoologická zahrada hl. m. Prahy
U Trojského zámku 3/120
171 00 Praha 7
Phone: 296 112 111 and 296 112 230
Link: Zoo Prague…

Mořský svět
Praha 7 – Holešovice
Phone: 220 103 275
Link: Sea World Mořský svět…