Approximately 40 060 km of walking trials speak for themselves, going on a walking trip is definitely an option in the Czech Republic. Enjoy the beautiful countryside while you make your way through deep forests, lush meadows and hilly terrain. 

Thanks to the ongoing voluntary work of the Czech Tourist Club that started about 100 years ago, the country has numerous well-marked and well-connected walking trails. A color system helps you not to get lost and additional walking maps available at many bookstores will do the rest to assure an enjoyable excursion.

The Prague-Vienna Greenways, popular with cyclists, are also great for walking trips.

The Greenways Travel Club’s website is generally a good source for information about walking and cycling in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Chose the type of walk you are interested in on the page’s directory and you will be provided with offers and ideas how to go about your preferred trip.

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