Liberec was as once home to a thriving textile industry and accordingly nicknamed “Manchester of Bohemia”, among Czechs today it is mostly known for the huge shopping and entertainment complex “Babylon Centre”.

But rest assured that this impressive accumulation of spare time activities on one spot – although certainly appealing – is not all you can see visiting the city of Liberec.

As a city of high import in the 19th century, Liberec rapidly developed during that time resulting in a significant collection of late 19th century buildings, such as for instance the town hall and the opera house. The main curtain of the later was actually designed by famous artist Gustav Klimt.

Looking for insights into regional archeology, natural and local history? The North Bohemian Museum is housed in an interestingly structured 19th century building.

Also, the first zoo of the former Czechoslovakia was opened in Liberec in 1919 – today it contains a broad variety of animals and plants. The Botanic Garden is famous for its collection of orchids, carnivorous plants and cactuses, an aquarium as well as a terrarium complement the display of florae.

Last but not least, the 1012-meter high Ještěd Mountain, on top of which one can make out the features of a television tower, will surely not miss your attention. A walking path or cable car will take you up. The Ještěd tower was built in the 1960 and is still a major attraction not only due to its spacey design but also because you can see parts of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland from up here.

Only ninety minutes away from the capital, Liberec makes for an interesting trip.

Babylon Centre

Nitranská 1
Phone: 485 249 202
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North Bohemian Museum
Příspěvková Organizace
Masarykova 11
Liberec 1
Phone: 485 246 111
Czech Link: North Bohemian Museum…

Zoo Liberec
Masarykova 1347/31
Phone: 482 710 616
Link: Zoo Liberec…

Botanic Garden
Purkyňova 3
Phone: 485 252 811
Czech Link: Botanic Garden...