One possibility is to jump on your bike or rent one and head straight outside of Prague. Keep riding and you will very likely end up in one of the pretty surrounding villages.

Cycling inside Prague, though it has become more and more popular, is perhaps not the best idea. Heavy traffic and a notorious lack of parking possibilities keep most of the people off riding their bikes downtown.

However, the rest of the country for the most parts is suitable for biking. What is more, the landscape with its forests, ponds, small villages and many, many castles is appealing especially for an exploration tour on bike. Aromatic meadows, quiet paths, unusual birds, and occasional stops, perhaps spent tasting Moravian wines, Czech beers and hearty food, will leave you loving the Czech countryside.

Southern Bohemia is flat and thus a good region for easy cycling, whereas at the Czech-German border the terrain can get quite hilly.

For passionate cyclers the Prague-Vienna Greenways (also known as the Czech Greenways) are probably the top choice. Going from Vienna to Prague via Kutna Hora and Telc, the route varies between steep to flat hills, woods and open fields. The scenic journey takes about eight days, guiding you trough villages, along rivers and lakes.

If you want to ride your bike in Prague and are not sure if there are special ways for bikers, the following map shows you places especially suitable for biking.

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