Cesky Krumlov.

Can’t help but noticing that quite a few Czech sights are UNESCO World Heritage sites? Well, Cesky Krumlov is no exception; its entire historic center was put on the UNESCO Heritage list in 1992 and not surprisingly the town has become a touristic center.

Probably the most famous sight is the large Cesky Krumlov Castle; its structural development went on from 14th to the 19th century. A bonus not only for theatre nuts is the preserved 1766 Baroque theatre within the castle, complete with the original stage machinery, scenery and props. Though seldom performed in, there is still the odd candle-lit Baroque opera on. Surely a treat should one be lucky enough to get tickets. Around the castle the well-groomed park invites for a stroll.

In contrast, to the romantic beauty something that will run a shiver down your spine is the Torture Museum installed in the dimly-lit cellars of the Town Hall. Yes, that’s right. On exhibit are various means of torture used in past ages – if the instruments do not creep you out the tackiness of the place might.

Museum of Torture
Námestí Svornosti No. 1
Cesky Krumlov
Phone: 380 766 343