Villages Nearby.

Choose Hicksville in the sticks – it has become increasingly fashionable among young professionals to leave the thrills of the city behind and relocate to the charms of a village.

When it’s cucumber season in the Czech Republic – summer time is meant and yes, this expression comes from the vegetables tended in the countryside – the people of the city flee the oppressive heat of Prague to greener pastures.

You can’t put a price on lying lazily in your cottage’s garden but if you could, it would be roughly a third lower than inside Prague. The rule of thumb being, the further you go away from the center, the less rent you pay.

Lakes, hills, mountains, swimming, cycling, hiking await you in the province.


Officially still part of Prague, specifically Praha 6, this district has small village flair. But do not expect low rents – ever since the local International School (see AmazingPrague under Offical Listings/ Schooling for further information) has opened, the prices have seriously gone up, due to the financially strong peer group attracted.

The pros are on hand: Nature, numerous sporting possibilities including a tennis club, the Nebušice Center with countless course offerings like for instance dancing and languages, the airport nearby as a benefit for international travelers but as a clear con for a peaceful afternoon in your backyard. Also, the shopping possibilities are pretty limited but the scenery will surely make up for a lacking designer boutique or your Swedish retailer.

Dolní Břežany.

Brace yourself for some blatant nudity entering Dolní Břežany – František and Marie are semi-nude sculptures by local artist Jaromir Švaříček placed in their spot to make people slow down driving into the village, says their creator.

Despite its rustical charm Dolní Břežany is rapidly expanding or rather exploding since the local building plans will result in a doubling of the population which will then be about 5000 to 6000. Still real estate prices are sensible. With plenty of nice walking and cycling opportunities and the promise of good food in the end, Dolní Břežany is a great destination. For those who wish to stay, it is an up-and-coming area with a laid back rural atmosphere.


Koloděje is site of an impressive chateau, originally built as a Gothic fortress but remodeled into a Baroque castle in the 18th century, these days it is used by the Czech government for ceremonial purposes. Hence non-VIP visitors may only peer through the gates and watch the occasional politician or peacock appear.

The castle has a recent gruesome history as it was used for imprisoning political opposers during the Stalinist Trials in the 1950s.

Apart for yet another appealing countryside which is a good reason for your weekend trip or holidays, Koloděje on the Nothern side also offers luxury family houses within a fairly large area. The development is booming and involved companies inform that already long before completion, their housing projects are usually sold out.