A hymn of praise for the walk – sauntering was a popular diversion with the European aristocracy and was soon also adapted by the bourgeoisie.

Once topic of poems and bothersome Sunday obligation for children the casual stroll today has somehow lost its import. Some non-Europeans might even find it strange to waste significant hours of one’s time occupied by nothing but mere locomotion.

Anyway, it has undeniably always been a good idea to explore a new city on foot. As your legs move, your mind wanders and you’ll easily collect valuable insights. Some things never change.

On a note, Strollology is a science and a university subject! This said, it’s time for some serious strolling in Prague…

Near Wenceslas Square.

Starting point of this walk is the National Museum on Wenceslas Square; right at the foot of the magnificent steps is the first site along the way.  A memorial to Jan Palach and a sad part of contemporary Czech history; it was here...

The Jewish Quarter.

Josefov is the actual name of the Prague’s Jewish Quarter which lies within Staré Mesto. For a walking tour through Jewish history and life, start at Malé námesti, from here turn left onto U radnice. First sight along the way is the Franz Kafka...